Red dot indicates that artwork is sold but available as a commission.

Jane Park Wells

A delicate visual sensitivity is at the core of all of Jane Park Wells’ paintings. Working on square and rectangular wooden panels or on similarly shaped canvases, she stains, rubs, masks, over-paints and sands layers of color into rich layers of transparency, building a luminous surface of sensuous visual depth or sheer atmosphere. Wells then floats a variety of colored, loose and incredibly lively lines onto these shifting and colorful grounds. For Wells color is an ongoing exploration of mood. Each of her series of paintings uses color to explore a variety of emotional atmospheres and to construct visual nuance and texture. In Wells’ paintings, color and line build emotional networks that can be intense or delicate, vibrant or restrained. At times the color uplifts us; at other times we are subdued by it. Sometimes the color and her application emphasize the inherent grain or flaws of the underlying material; at other times the ground is obscured completely.

Don Wilks

I have always been intrigued by the beauty, flow and elasticity of the human body. To see a figure bend, stretch, pull and twist is a true wonder of nature that has always stimulated my imagination. To make the transition from imagination to reality, I began to study with Peter Pacquette, who taught me the techniques of working with clay and metal, as well as welding, soldering and shaping rigid materials, the basic skills necessary to create a work. I was then privileged to come under the tutelage of Frank Eliscu. He is an internationally known sculptor who has many important municipal, commercial and private commissions to his credit, including the Heisman Trophy. I have studied at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, MA and am a member of the National Sculpture Society. For me, the action and interaction of the body is the primary force that I try to convey. To achieve this I am continually working on my techniques and knowledge of the anatomy, body motion and fluidity. Each of my sculptures is cast in bronze at the Bronzart Foundry in Sarasota, Florida, and at the New England Sculpture Service in Boston. The edition limits are between seven and twelve pieces to assure that the detail of each piece is properly rendered. I hope you will enjoy seeing these works and share in the pleasure I’ve had in creating them.