Red dot indicates that artwork is sold but available as a commission.

Andrzej M. Karwacki

As an artist, I find difficult to answer: is it I who defines painting or is it painting that defines me... Either way, it is both a transpersonal and a narcissistic relationship. The process of painting creates a state of Liminality, which leads to the discovery of my own essence. It is like writing a fable, one without words and one that is rather suggestive in nature. In that progression, I forget all that I know, for originality can only be achieved by reaching into my infinite possibilities. The abstract mechanics of art are same as making music, where the musician by use of an instrument transcends the process of playing; a painter transcends the limitation of medium, thus creating work that can produce an emotional response. And when that happens, art completes life, bringing to focus what nature cannot bring to finish.

Nathaniel Mather

Nathaniel Mather has been producing colorful, whimsical and thought provoking art for over 20 years, with a unique style that combines his love of color and texture, and a passion for telling a story. Nathaniel's images reflect his joy and ability to illustrate emotions and concepts. Expressive painterly, mixed media paintings composed with a graphic flavor available for editorial, advertising, children's books, book covers and corporate market.

Jennifer Rasmusson

Painting is a conversation. I may have an idea of what I want to say but there is a process of give and take between myself and the marks on the canvas… there are always unexpected turns. My textural, painterly works examine ever-changing relationship in life. I work on a body of five or more paintings at a time. Working on these paintings together I begin with quick layers of acrylic paint, allowing me to build up texture. In some works I will apply a plaster scratching back and painting over again. These first layers always show through somewhere in the finished work. They are where the conversation begins. Next I draw with charcoal, oil pastel or pastel, these marks will not be the final drawing, there are many times during the work to draw again. Drawing is coming to shape conclusions. My favorite part is oil paint. The rich creamy texture and luminous color begin to tell the real story. The canvas and I understand each other and are better for the conversation we have had.