Red dot indicates that artwork is sold but available as a commission.

Mark Andrew Allen

My work today is a culmination of many years of painting, thinking and experiencing. My urban pop expressionist work is created by sifting through material to find just the right imagery that connects to establish a particular narrative. This art mixes my background of typography, mixed media collage, abstract expressionism and cubism.

Doug Kennedy

I use traditional methods of painting, oil, acrylic, pencils, sometimes collage, to capture moments of action that lead me to a place of visual harmony. I start with the canvas outside on the ground and work as I walk around it. I then stretch the canvas in my studio, then there is a long process of work and examination. The piece is complete when it reaches its own harmony.

David Kidd

My paintings are process driven. The physical act of applying paint has a strong influence on the direction that the painting will ultimately take. While I may have a general concept of what I hope to convey, my goal is to not allow that preconceived idea to limit or restrain the creative process. The repetitive and random application and removal of paint creates elements and patterns that serve as a visual road map. This layering, editing and re-editing functions as a meditative dialogue between me and the painting. I want the act of painting to be a journey of discovery, a balance between the urge to control the surface of the painting and the desire to allow mystery and unpredictability to enter into the process. By not assigning meaning, I hope to find meaning.

Elise Morris

The shapes of nature are so much more surprising than what I imagine them to be. And so, I start with something tangible. In drawing the curves and winding trails of a branch in bloom, I have learned that beauty is in the unexpected and momentary. I consider the fleeting images that represent change: a sequin of light, a passing shadow, tangles of blurred lines, the places where growth blooms and withers along an otherwise bare branch. I am interested in exploring nature’s point of view - how nature might perceive itself on the inside. From this perspective, I imagine a chaotic tumble of change and growth, a relentless and overwhelming surge of interconnected events. Painting takes the form of inquiry where my process is made visible. I want to hold a moment in my focus, noticing the fragility of its current state before it quickly becomes something completely different. In this way, I am watchful of my surroundings. There is beauty in unexpected places, not just waiting to be found, but waiting to really be seen.