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Elisabeth Ladwig

Age 11, I think. That’s about the age when I decided adults were wrong: magic does exist. As I lay in the grass watching pre-tornado skies, I realized it was all around me, hidden behind the sciences of meteorology, botany, astronomy... the warmth of miracles suppressed by experiments and equations and proofs. It became clear that the beauty of science, nature, and magic was indeed one in the same, and it saddened me that the miraculous nature of it all had been dismissed so irresponsibly over time. Photo compositing allows me to create metaphorical reminders of the magic and miracles in an attempt to bring humanity back home to its roots: kin of the Earth. So with a nod to Mother Nature and her fairytale existence, I work to seek out equal beauty in the storm as in the sunrise.

Peter Mendelson

"My photography is foremost about bold color and composition. Often tightly cropped and composed in a straightforward manner which is intended to focus attention to the main subject, my photographs can almost be heard saying “here I am, I bet you didn’t look at me in this way before.” Cultural artifacts, signs and structures that would often be overlooked form a core part of my subject matter, and bring to mind questions about the cultural origins and uses of these objects. Printed in acrylic, my photographic prints reflect and illuminate the vibrant colors and depth within."

Candace Primack

As an abstract painter, I am often torn between two worlds, feeling that I am most fulfilled and balanced when working in both of them. The first is the world of color, texture and movement. Using a number of mediums, I can manipulate them in a variety of ways, being led to create pieces that I feel are kinetic and energetic, instilling within the viewer a sense of hope and joy. Simultaneously I am also drawn to the monochromatic and contemplative, desiring a large canvas filled with no more that two or three colors, but invites a more methodical approach without compromising sophistication and method. The process for these two styles of painting is quite similar, creating multiple layers of paint amidst mark making and texturing. Whatever style I am working in, I find it to be a focused and meditative practice, allowing me to follow my intuition. Rather than clashing, these two styles lend a complimentary blend to my work, satisfying the need to communicate bold energy as well as quiet reflection.