Red dot indicates that artwork is sold but available as a commission.

Tracey Adams

A painter, printmaker, and musician, I consistently have been drawn to art forms that are sympathetic to structure yet open to improvisation. I am interested in the interplay of color, line, and shape where relationships of harmony and balance play a significant role. Recent investigations into the mathematical expression of the proportional ratio found in nature and known as the Golden Section have, at times, had an influence on my work. This formula provides a means of recognizing and understanding the intricate connections between all things. Encaustic, an ancient medium of molten beeswax, resin, and pigment, has allowed me to pursue the layering and scraping back that I find integral to my process of painting. The translucence created by the wax and resin yields a wonderful appearance of illumination from within. Always demanding, sometimes to the point of frustration, encaustic provides a balance of chaos and structure that satisfies while at the same time challenges my ongoing desire for problem solving.

Mark Andrew Allen

My work today is a culmination of many years of painting, thinking and experiencing. My urban pop expressionist work is created by sifting through material to find just the right imagery that connects to establish a particular narrative. This art mixes my background of typography, mixed media collage, abstract expressionism and cubism.

Michael Hoffman

My paintings are meditative studies done with rich color and bold graphic compositions-I often incorporate circles, grids, and stripes. The universality and appeal of this symbology pulls the viewer in and holds them there to explore the subtle details. I try to create work that both captivates and calms. I work with abstractions because I want to put forth something universal that can be open to interpretations that are unique to each individual and can continue to evolve over time.

Jill Ricci

One of the most arresting visuals for me is an old wall layered with papers, graffiti and text- our modern hieroglyphics. I try to re-create this beauty in my work, the layers of time and decay are what interest me. I hope that the person viewing my work will linger, trying to discover hidden imagery and text and depending on their life experience, find their own meaning or interpretation. Found images and objects function as signifiers of both individual and collective experience. By incorporating materials that are linked to the realities of daily life, I strive to establish an immediate identification between the viewer and the work of art. I am exploring the place between “high art” and popular culture, text and image, figuration and abstraction, past and present , and two and three-dimensional space. I begin working without a final vision in mind: I use collected materials and allow pattern, texture, color and structure to emerge organically