Red dot indicates that artwork is sold but available as a commission.

Tracey Adams

A painter, printmaker, and musician, I consistently have been drawn to art forms that are sympathetic to structure yet open to improvisation. I am interested in the interplay of color, line, and shape where relationships of harmony and balance play a significant role. Recent investigations into the mathematical expression of the proportional ratio found in nature and known as the Golden Section have, at times, had an influence on my work. This formula provides a means of recognizing and understanding the intricate connections between all things. Encaustic, an ancient medium of molten beeswax, resin, and pigment, has allowed me to pursue the layering and scraping back that I find integral to my process of painting. The translucence created by the wax and resin yields a wonderful appearance of illumination from within. Always demanding, sometimes to the point of frustration, encaustic provides a balance of chaos and structure that satisfies while at the same time challenges my ongoing desire for problem solving.

Mark Andrew Allen

My work today is a culmination of many years of painting, thinking and experiencing. My urban pop expressionist work is created by sifting through material to find just the right imagery that connects to establish a particular narrative. This art mixes my background of typography, mixed media collage, abstract expressionism and cubism.

Charlotte Foust

As an only child born to creative parents (her mother sewed and her father painted realistic oils), Charlotte Foust developed a keen imagination and a desire to connect with others through self-expression. She is attracted to the ability of art to be both a highly charged internal process and a medium for sharing the resulting energy with strangers. Known for her love of texture and color, Foust’s heightened tactile sense allows her to trust a line or brushstroke to guide the direction of the work. As a result, both her abstract and figurative work lend themselves to both decorative and emotional impact. Foust tends to work in cycles. She will often work on a series of paintings until completion and then take a brief sabbatical. Early in her art career Foust was awarded a Regional Artist Grant for Emerging Artists. Her mixed media abstract and figurative paintings have won both awards and collectors alike. Foust holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Doug Kennedy

I use traditional methods of painting, oil, acrylic, pencils, sometimes collage, to capture moments of action that lead me to a place of visual harmony. I start with the canvas outside on the ground and work as I walk around it. I then stretch the canvas in my studio, then there is a long process of work and examination. The piece is complete when it reaches its own harmony.

Amy Maas

The new series is called "Soundtracks." Painting to music has always been integral to my work. I need the music to clear my mind - to make room for my thoughts and emotions to express themselves. By combining my two great loves of music and painting, I am able to concentrate and lose myself in the moment. I decided to paint to music I listen to this time, instead of using it as background. Therefore each painting is a direct result of an actual soundtrack I listened to while painting.