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It was an unplanned process that lead me to painting. Even now I would be at a loss to explain exactly why I took the plunge. Yet, I feel as if I had always been preparing for this role. I began taking a few art and art history courses at the University of Alabama four years ago and what came after has been a revelation. I am, in all practical purposes, a self-taught artist.
All the places I’ve been, things I’ve observed, come together in my paintings. Travel is a passion and inspiration which has a profound effect on my work. I take pictures and record everything. The human form, the interaction of colors, composition, shadows and hues are all fascinating. My landscapes take on a more literally interpretation of my travels but even my abstract series are continuations of color palettes seen firsthand. Recently I became captured by the yellow and umbers from a field in France. Every place I visit is reflected in my paintings.
In connection with many abstract expressionism painters, my work is very much an emotional process. I come to a blank canvas with a feeling or thought about what I would like to create but it’s all very spontaneous in its outward projection. I choose to go layer by layer, often times mixing mediums, until I’m satisfied. As I paint, I give and take from the painting’s color saturation and hues. Each painting has various “under” paintings where I try to create an overall aesthetic that’s both sophisticated in color and ethereal in nature.

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