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Allen Wynn’s tough, graceful sculptures represent the inner beings of working people that he has known throughout his life. They are usually women, sometimes accompanied by a child whose role is that of a clear-eyed observer. Occasionally he will add a bird or a fish, not as an overt symbol but as a simple evocation of rural existence. The figures are reserved yet accessible. Suzanne Deats, Santa Fe arts writer Often mistake for bronze sculptures, Allen Wynn has developed a unique process which incorporates wooden frameworks, paper pulp from natural and recycled materials mixed with sawdust, resin, and sand from the nearby Red River. He applies thin layers of this substance to the armature, adding and subtracting and modeling until the contours and the texture are right. In the final step, Allen applies multiple coats of paints as well as resin to give each piece a unique patina and as well as a protective seal.

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