Red dot indicates that artwork is sold but available as a commission.

Christy Bonneau

Christy Bonneau’s medium to large-scale oils are abstract, emotional landscapes infused with the feeling of what it means to be innately human. Crazy, quiet, she paints in her studio creating pieces whose center’s revolve around issues of connectedness. Bonneau mixes pigments moving in and out of reality working on a hierarchical, symbolic scale, flushing formulas and responding to theoretical questions fulfilling the canvas’ requirements. Within the fields of color the human spirit dances with the rhythm of life. Each painting causes pause, draws the viewer into its center, and demands an emotive response. She also integrates her oils with printmaking, intimate etchings, transfers and collages in multi-media expression. Christy Bonneau has discovered the synergy of the true professional artist discipline and freedom.

Sabre Esler

Sabre is currently experimenting with subject matter that has an emotional quality. Some pieces have a relaxed and joyful appeal while others evoke a more complex and personal response. Overall, the artist would like to relay the joy of living and the calming affect of the environments she paints. Sabre's work has an atmospheric quality that results from the colors and textures that she builds up. She admires the spirit of the expressionist masters and seeks to create work that evokes an emotional impact. Her subjects include abstract landscapes and interior-scapes, as well as figurative imagery.

Brigitte McReynolds

We live in fast times, where mystery is hard to believe. Everyday life is my inspiration. My work is like a visual diary. Events become timeless happenings. Color, symbols and archetypes resonate in us, creating a sense of wonder about life. Painting is magical, transforming internal abundance. Events become timeless happenings. Symbols, archetypes and beauty resonate in us, creating a sense of wonder about life. My love for creating is unconditional.

Glen Scheffer

My photographs are about finding interesting qualities from subjects that have been saved, forgotten or discarded. Objects that may no longer serve their initial function but become beacons for faded memories or will find new uses through recycling. I find the history of an object fascinating, even more important than their original function. They hold keys to our past both on a personal level and to our existence as a whole. Objects move beyond their primary use continually changing to serve a new purpose. We give them the ability to become new again, to become art.